Such a good feeling

Began writing this 10/2014
Spending time with my older grandkids, I realize they know the night sky. They too have laid on the ground & starred up at the night sky in wonder. They can identify so many constellations. This makes me forever happy. Forever happy is a good feeling.

I remember taking blankets outside for my girls to lay upon & as we face upward toward the night sky ~ all we could see & all we could hear & all we could feel were, for that one moment, the exact thing ~ life. For that one moment we were so connected to this massive world, all it's mysteries & all it's delights. And mostly we were so connected to each other. Forever & ever. Forever happiness.

Love you forever,
Love you for always

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  1. Staring at the stars with your children and the feelings you had reminded me of a camping trip I took with Laurie to the Adirondacks we floated in the canoe on the lake laying on the bottom with blankets looking up at the heavens drifting in eternity The pure joy we felt that night was one of connectedness with all of creation I love you with all my heart sis and forever


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