Waiting, Wishing Longingly for Hummers

The warmth did not last too long. But it was here long enough to trick the gray matter into thoughts of Hummingbirds.
Oh what joy dances through me!

I looked online for a Hummer migration map 
Surely they had made an appearance by now.
I was crushed to find out I may be rushing spring and all the little joys that follow.
How could my brain be so easily fooled? I spied with my own eyes the Daffodil buds ready to open wide any second, the green striped leaves of crocus pushed through the earth, the soft fussy buds of the Redbud and the Robin, the Robin who visited my feeder today.
No, It is spring *clicks heels 3 times* I will put up the feeders and wait and wish for the sound of fast fluttering wings, chirping and chattering. My little friends. I know they will arrive.....soon

Recipe for Hummer feeders
1 part sugar to 4 parts water
Boil water first, then measure and add sugar at the rate 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup water
Let cool completely.
You can Store excess in your fridge, I think up to a week.
DO NOT add food coloring, honey or artificial sweetener!