I miss my sister

When my older sister and I became adults we went to a uppity hair salon and had our face shapes analyzed. Based on the analysis we had our hair cut by a top stylist. It was the most money I'm sure either of us had ever spent on ourselves for cuts.
As we sat giddy side by side, scissors snipped and in one smooth cut, our pony tails fell to the ground. We planned to donate our hair to Locks of Love.
My sisters hair was a gorgeous black, thick and naturally curly. She always hated it.
I always envied it.
After the cut  they showed her the best way to style her hair to take full advantage of the curls.
The method was squeezing chunks of hair while blowing it dry. The end result was amazing!

This morning I was blow drying my hair, squeezing chunks of it at a time and realized how much I miss my sister.
I miss you lady, your beautiful hair and your beautiful self. I really miss you.